" Pepper "


English Cocker Spaniel

Pepper is our little fireball. She is Blue Roan in color and will grow to the weight of 25 lbs. We are currently in the process of training Pepper for dove, duck and quail hunting. She is always eager to please and has a very strong desire to retrieve. What we love about her the most is that she will work hard all day and go crazy over birds,  then one hour later be as calm as can be while laying in the lap of our children. We are very excited about what Pepper has proven so far and cant wait to see the final product and what her puppies will become over the next few years.


 " Abby "


English Cocker Spaniel

Abby is Tan and White in color that weighs about 25 lbs. She is the definition of intensity, quartering a field at top notch speed. Hard to imagine that such a sweet little dog can be so driven. Its almost impossible to hide a bird from her, she's an absolute bird finding machine. When she goes to work it's all business especially flushing birds. Abby is a wonderful pet but she was born to work. Unbelievably fast and agile in the field she's something special to watch. Her little legs are always moving so fast and it looks like she has a smile on her face at all times. We have very high expectations for Abby and her future puppies.