" Rue "


As you can see Rue is our "Cover Girl". Muscle packed and dark yellow Rue is the model of what of a hunting retriever should look like. Though she looks the part she defiantly performs as well when it comes to hunting situations. We use Rue to retrieve our pheasants, ducks and geese in the winter and along with dove and quail during the warmer months of season.



 Rue's pedigree is stack full of champions including her dad " Ali ". Ali is a National Finalist Field Champion who as produced several champions and National Derby list dogs. Rue is clear on all genetic testing and has received her hips and elbow certifications with excellent ratings. She weighs in at 65 lbs of solid muscle and high drive. Wether we are training in the field or hunting in knee deep mud Rue will give it 110% making sure every bird that is knocked down is retrieved in a timely matter allowing us conceal ourselves waiting on the next volley. Rue is currently working with hunting guides and will become one of our next breeding females. 


Rue's Puppies

We have had the privileged to train several puppies out of her last breeding and we are very excited to do the same with all future breeding's. She has threw some remarkable puppies this past breeding and will we continue to pair her with Max for all future breeding's.  


Health Clearance's

AKC# : SR70326102

EIC - Clear / CNM - Clear

Hip's Certs : LR-206679E25M-VPI

Elbow Certs : LR-EL61438M25-VPI