Started and Trained Gundogs

We offer several different options when it come to our started/trained gundogs. Labs, English Cockers and all pointing breeds make up the team of gundogs that we work with through this process. We work the needs of a client to make sure they are fitted with the right dog for the type of hunting they do ranging from Geese, Dove, Duck, Quail, and all upland game birds. Although most dogs can retrieve all types of fowl we still try to fit you with the best breed that will better fit the application. 

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Started/Trained Retrievers

A Started Gundog: is a dog that has been introduced to the basics of hunting. The dog will have been trained around gunfire and birds. They will deliver to hand and have been crate trained. This level of training will not have had live hunting experience and will need a few hunts to bring out the basics they have learned in training. AVG Cost $3500

A Hunting Gundog: is a dog that has had some trigger time. This dog will be forced fetch, healing and steady to shot. The dog will have a few basics in casting and able to run shorter blinds. With this training and hunting exposure this dog will be able to go out and hunt from day one. AVG Cost $5000

Advanced Gundog: Wether you are hunting upland, waterfowl or dove this is the dog for you. This level of training will have your dog impressing all your buddies in the field. This dog will have had several seasons under their belt and all the kinks worked out. This dog will be advanced in all aspects of training. AVG Cost $6500


Pick of the litter

Prolly the most common package we offer is "Pick Of The Litter" option. How it works is you select a puppy from a litter we have to offer at the time based on Male/Female , Breed and Color. Once you have selected the puppy you prefer we then sit down and decide on what level of training you would to have your dog accomplish. Down payment on the dog will be $500 and the rest due once all training is completed. Price ranges from $3500 - $5000 depending on selected training level. 


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Teeka $4000

Teeka is a black lab female out of our superstar Max. She is currently 10 months old and has recently begun obedience training. Teeka will be trained to retrieve all fowl species once training is completed. She will know all her basic obedience commands and all necessary training to begin hunting. She is expected to be at the started gundog level by  November 2017. Teeka comes with full registration and health guarantee. EIC clear and CNM Clear.   Call us today for more info on Lucy361-207-5727

Please call us today to see what we have coming up. We try to keep a hand full of our puppies back to make sure we have something ready for you. Don't wait till next season and reserve your today.