" Addie "


Addie is a very high driven female who gives it 110%. She currently weights 55 lbs and can retrieve twice her  body weight. Addie is our personal gundog and has produced numerous  high quality hunting dogs. Addie has hunted almost every species under the sun including searching for shed horns as well.

addie with  gadwall.JPG

a little about addie

When it comes to hard driving retrievers Addie is at the top of the list. Though she never competed in the Pro's, Addie managed to receive her junior title at only 6 months old and became a full time duck dog at 7 months. She is our personal hunting dog that we use to hunt all fowl species while living in our home helping raise our two sons. Previous puppies from Addie have already proven to hang with the best of our breedings. Addie is our superstar hunting dog and we will continue to build our genetics around her off spring.

addie water.PNG

Our Baby Girl

Addie is now retired from our program and will live the rest of her life enjoying the view from our home. She has accomplished a lot in her career and we are forever grateful for what she has done for Team Tejas. There are quite of few Addie puppies still out there and we will continue her line with future breeding's. 

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Health Clearance's

AKC# : SR70326102

EIC - Clear / CNM - Clear

Hip's Certs : LR-206679E25M-VPI

Elbow Certs : LR-EL61438M25-VPI